Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Anthony II

It was October
when our paths clashed
with the waves of the ocean,
we could feel our hearts glad.

It was October
and my heart was so sad,
but you picked up the pieces
dear, I was so glad

It was October
when the moon sealed our lips
and under thy wings
Is where I lust to be

The night of October
When I looked in thy eyes
Under the spell of the moon
I wanted you mine

That night of October
was the night of all night
When I asked to be claimed
Oh my heart was in fright!

Oh sweet night of October
I skipped with delight!
for your heart opened up
I might've screamed with delight!

October turned to November
Our days turned to weeks
every second of carpe diem
every moment so sweet

Oh Bittersweet November
then came moments of bliss
we then started some fire
but always ends with a bliss

You passed by so fast November,
all had been said and done
except for this tremendous heartache
everything else is gone.

Oh cold, cold December
I know he is gone
but I have child's faith,
I know he is the one.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Words maybe sweet
leaving me with defeat
Thy words like sapphire
Getting me all wired

It really got my mind running
this guy is so cunning
with an offer i couldn't resist
He doesn't even have to persist

Too good to be true it might be
for an eye as charming as it could be
A chance I wouldn't let pass
I'll grab this before all turns to ash~

With trembling hands I lift my arms
marking the date where we'll cross our paths.

Friday, December 10, 2010

For A.J.O

As lonely as a rock

I sit on a log
listening to the ocean waves
As cold breeze touch my dampened face

With this remorse of murder I've done
A burden that makes me weigh a ton,
as surfers happily pass me by...
I thought about the love that died.

On black I've covered up for warmth
As I alone, set this funeral up.
With trembling, guilty hands I have
I carefully lift up into the sky

The horizon where ocean meets the sky
where the soul of our love is bound
welcomed me with open arms
and whispers happy endings don't exist.

We tried and planned for a beginning
But I killed the love before we are in it~
I did not mean to,
But I am fool for I have done it.

The birds flew by and lots of passersby,
cars behind the highway one rushes by,
it made me realize it's time to go
this ash of love I wouldnt want to let go, but I've to.

I folded up a paper boat
and loaded it with al the memories.
This corpse of love that I had murdered
and set it out the sea and watched as it went further

With a silent whisper of farewell
and a drop of final tear
I let out a sigh
and got back inside my car.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sonnet for yuu-

With those words you have made my body sway;
so now from you I cannot stay away
Like venom you've sulked into my veins
and now it feels like heavy rain

Inside my mind you have been lingering
a dandelion that is so addicting
But now my king; you have your queen
so now I wish, please cut my leash~

To dream for you just like a crazy fool
punishes my poor heart, so bad and cruel
so now my king you have your queen;
I'll take a bow and find my king

so now m king treasure thy queen
Inside my mind, our memories I'll keep so keen...

Monday, January 18, 2010


A doll you used to own, I was~

Adored, beloved, bestowed with gifts

Like princess, from my chair you lift~

To bring with you to neverland

With promises, you lured me deep

Into a cave of misery

Alone, I was incessantly

I cried myself into the sleep

This doll you used to hug and love

Now locked into this empty room

a freezing room, I’m all at huff~

With blankets of cobwebs and gloom

Abandoned doll with heart of ice

You’ve grew tired of~ it was so fast

The doll you buried ‘to the past

So you will never hear my cries~

Into this dump you threw away

I feel my soul have gone array

This useless, lifeless entity

Into the river of serenity

Just like my previous masters you

You did the same deed onto me

To me, you’re jaded now and so~

Abandoned like a trash, I am~

But still this lonely doll awaits

Her master’s promise to return

With hope that gradually abates~

Decaying heart~ I choose to churn.

*image by :

*original composition of Catrina Licudine~ 1/19/2010

Friday, December 25, 2009

The day I have forgotten when to speak

The humid air of late November
as chills ran down into my spines
A scene I dare not to remember;
I hope not to risk this life on to the line

The cold soils of this eerie town
is where I found my beloved one
His head was beaten, so badly done...
I felt suffocated, all I could do was frown~

I noticed that his mouth was open
as if screaming words with no words spoken
all I could do was look into the heavens
and cried for all the dreams that were broken

As I saw his corpse lying there
I want to scream, shriek and curse;
but fearing that someone might be there~
this burning anger just turned out hoarse

hence that day my senses shocked;
My sanity gone, my intellect locked~
forgetting the existence of clock,
to save myself, m y lips remained locked

hence that day I saw his corpse
was the day that I have forgotten when to speak~

*The poem I submitted to the 10th regional press conference, won 7th place out of 70+ contenders :p not bragging, just sharing~

#now playing- The day you went away by m2m.. a song for you =_=
*been lonely since the day you went away~

Friday, November 13, 2009

the waiting

Your name I uttered silently
I started breathing heavily

Beside the cathedral I wait
as the skies whispered "it's too late"

the wind blew shards of ice to me
painful stakes of chill pierced through me

my head I lift to the heaven
I could feel the weight of burden

the skies were full of dark and gloom
she's also crying...but for whom?

Into my face her tears all fell
I felt like crying loud as well

the sky and me, we share the gloom
heavy too much, it felt like doom

I cried with her, she washed my tears
I looked at her all drowned in fear

into the watch I glanced once more
as I blankly stared 'to the moor

I remembered why I was here
I've been waiting for you my dear

But no, I am not dumb at all
my wick has limits after all

I know that never will again
can we have nights like those again

thy smile, thy kiss,. thy touch and charm
they served as sunlight in my dark

but now to me you've grown weary
I could feel nothing but dreary

and so I grabbed the sharpest knife
said my prayer and end my life